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Cenotes Dos Ojos

August 09,2016 0 comments

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Time travel, at least back in time, is possible at Dos Ojos. The limestone formations inside the cenote and under the crystal clear water in the cenote are amazing. There are several cenotes available for snorkeling in the Tulum, Playa del Carmen and the entire Yucatan but Dos Ojos is a must. We set up our trip through a Dive Shop in Tulum on the main street. We brought our own equipment, masks, booties, snorkels and fins but rented shorty wet suits. For the one time snorkeler, rentals are fine but for the experienced snorkeler/diver, your own equipment is much better. You can pack a lot of stuff in a dive bag and buy the type of dive bag that is mesh material so inspectors can visually see what is in your bag without opening it for check-in at the airport. I do not put a lock on my dive bag, I use a tie-wrap and I have never had that tie-wrap cut to allow access by customs inspectors or security personnel. When my wife and I travel to the Yucatan, we check one bag with clothing and toilet articles and the dive bag with trekking type shoes etc. You can go back in time, visit and dive/snorkel Dos Ojos!

Sun – Sat 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Unexpected beauty – would have know about this on my other travels to Cancun and would have gone before.