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Mayan Ruins of Tulum

August 08,2016 0 comments

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The Mayan city of Tulum stands 130 km south and 700 years away of Cancun. But the contrast between the two can be measured in more than just distance and time.

Tulum, was built late in the thirteenth century, during what is known as the Mayan post-classic period.

What sets the site apart from other ruins in Mexico is both the fact that it is well preserved and it boasts its own, inviting beach.

Each Mayan city had a specific purpose, and Tulum was no exception. It was a seaport, trading mainly in turquoise and jade.

As well as being the only Mayan city built on a coast, Tulum was one of the few protected by a wall.

Made of limestone, the 784-metre wall encloses the site on three sides, is seven metres thick, and varies between three and five metres in height. No doubt this fortification helped preserve the seaport.

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